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Welcome to the Hampstead Norreys Heritage Projects

The village of Hampstead Norreys dates back many centuries and has seen lots of changes during the course of its long history.  The village buildings, barns and other structures chart many of these changes but with the passage of time, and the movement of people, some had become rather neglected and overlooked whilst others had disappeared altogether.     

During the course of implementing the village ‘Parish Plan’ a survey revealed that people living within the village considered it very important that these artefacts and monuments were preserved. Over the last few years a number of different and interesting projects have been accomplished and it is amazing to see how much they have contributed to village life. 


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K6 Phone Box

Domesday Plaque 1 

Re-introduction of the K6 telephone box 

   Domesday Plaque commemorating
  Norreys entry in the Domesday Book

 Old Well

 Kissing Gate

Renovation of the Parish Well 

  Renovation and re-installing of the kissing-gate

 Church Clock

   Refurbishment of the church clock which hadn’t rung for over 60 years