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The Domesday Plaque

Domesday PlaqueTo commemorate the entry of Hampstead Norreys in the Domesday Book, in May 2007, the Heritage Group agreed to commission a plaque to celebrate this unique event. A huge amount of planning and thought went into choosing the correct site, style of plaque and the wording, which would best reflect the project and the village’s heritage.
English Heritage were very helpful, with regards to the best materials to use and the craftsman who could undertake the work. Permission was kindly given by the owners of ‘The Littens’ to erect the plaque on the church side of their garden wall but because the wall is a Grade II Listed structure ‘Listed Building Consent’ was required and this was successfully obtained in October 2007.

The Project

Domesday 1Once the site had been chosen, it became apparent that it was of the upmost importance to ensure that the plaque could be seen from all aspects of approach. The wall on which it was to be placed is at the junction of the three footpaths, intersecting the churchyard but also visible from the main road. After a great deal of research a 15” Wedgwood blue ceramic plaque, with white lettering, was felt to be the most appropriate. One of the two craftsmen, that English Heritage use, was chosen and the order was placed in March 2008.


The installaton of a plaque into a Grade II listed structure is a very delicate and skilled task. The work began in July 2008 with a wooden template of mthe plaque being made and this pattern was used to chisel out a 2" deep circular hole. A mixture of lime free mortar was then used to line the hole before a set of English coins was placed into the cement as a historic "Time Capsule". This, hopfully, might be opened by people in the future and will give a small insight into the life of Hampstead Norreys in the year 2008.

 Domesday 2  Domesday 3  Domesday 4
The correct position was of the utmost importance to ensure it could be seen from all aspects of approach. The wall choasen is at the junction of the three footpaths intersecting the churchyard but is also visible from the main road.  Filling the hole with lime free mortar prior to a set of English cions being set into the mixture.  The plaque was laid flush with the wall before the finishng work was completed.
 Unveiling the plaque





Revd. Tony Lynn 


Mr. Richard Benyon MP

The Unveiling

On the 19th October 2008, following a short service in St. Mary's Church, at which many local dignatories were present, the plaque was officilly unveilled by Mr. Richard Benypn MP.  


HN Heritage


HN Heritage

 Local Dignatries leaving St Mary's Church

 Local Villagers watching the unveiling