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Many different and interesting projects have been accomplished over the last few years and it is amazing to see how much they have contributed to village life :   

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Full details of the History and Heritage projects that have been completed to date can be seen using the left hand menu.

We need volunteers for current and future projects

 Adopt –A-Grave: Many of the Victorian graves in St. Mary’s Churchyard have become overgrown and neglected. Could you spare a couple of hours a month to take over the responsibility for caring for one of them?


 1851-1911 Census: Do you like research? Do you have an eye for detail?  Are you interested in Family History?  If so it would be great if you would like to volunteer to research and record the village censuses.


 Past Businesses: Hampstead Norreys used to have a thriving and bustling business community.  Up to the Second-World-War it was pretty much self-sufficient.   Would you like to delve into the past and bring to life the Hampstead Norreys of yesteryear? 


 Old Buildings/Barns: Could you record and archive details of the many and varied buildings and barns which are so much part of the history of the village?


 Oral History: Would you be interested in interviewing some of the older residents to capture their memories of times past?


 Schools: There have been three schools in Hampstead Norreys; the first opened in 1841.  Would you be interested in researching the history and recording the facts about the pupils and staff who attended these throughout the years?  

 All ideas and suggestions, as to other possible projects, would be most welcome.

If you are interested in village history and would like to become involved please contact us.